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Want to know the two biggest universal truths I've uncovered in the 31 different countries where I've taught commercial copywriting?
  1. Every country thinks their coffee is the best, while the coffee made by their closest neighbor is sewage.
  2. Every country thinks there is a magical number of seconds that comprises the "optimal" length of a radio commercial.
The most common commercial length is 30 seconds.

But I've taught in countries where the standard is 20 seconds.

In one South American country, pretty much all they sell is :10s.

In one Scandinavian country, the commercial length is whatever the advertiser says it is; radio stations charge by the second. Want a 17-second commercial? No problem. You'll pay half the amount that a 34-second commercial costs.

I've heard some extraordinary 2-minute commercials.

North America mostly sells :60s and :30s.

What is the "optimal" length?

Objectively speaking, there really isn't one.

As a copywriter, I like having the luxury of 60 seconds in which to spin my sales story.

On the other hand, I've written 10-second commercials I've been very proud of and that — much more importantly — made money for the client.

But the most common length sold by radio stations is 30 seconds.

Especially since a major initiative was launched by the world's largest radio group owner, stressing 30-second spots.

There's an old saying in Sales: "The more you tell, the more you sell."

That's one reason it's often nice to have 60 seconds at your disposal.

But you can write extremely powerful, results-producing, money-making 30-second commercials.



And with great originality.

I've created an easy to follow, exceptionally flexible 5-Step System for creating radio commercials that get results.

You'll never guess what I call this System:

Dan O'Day's Guaranteed 5-Step System For Creating
30-Second Radio Commercials That Get Results.

"A Five-Step System That Really Works?
Yeah, Right."

I don't blame you for being skeptical.

If you're skeptical, it's for one of two reasons:

  1. You're an "old pro" who has "seen it all." You figure my System is just a rehash of what you already know.
  2. or

  3. You believe you are not "creative" enough to write effective advertising.
If you're an old pro, you'll soon realize you've never encountered the secrets contained in this System anywhere else — unless you've attended one of my "live" seminars where I teach the System in a hands-on, real-time environment.

(My speaking fee ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 per day. If you've got the budget, I'll be happy to fly to wherever you are and teach you my system in person.)

You're not "creative" enough?

I travel around the world proclaiming, "Radio advertising is not an exercise in creativity. It is Mass Salesmanship."

Being creative certainly doesn't hurt.

But you don't need to be creative to write an effective, results-producing commercial.

If you can sell in person, you can sell in a commercial.

I'll teach you how in....


Dan O'Day's Guaranteed 5-Step System For Creating
30-Second Radio Commercials That Get Results

(76-page e-book) (PDF format)

Download your copy now for just $29.95

Not A "Formula."

This book will not teach you a "formula" for you to follow slavishly, "plugging in" your client's name and information.

Recently someone told me about some "sales consultant" who goes around telling radio stations that every one of their commercials should be voiced by the client, and every one of those commercials should begin with the client saying, "Hello, I'm (     )."

Great. So every commercial sounds the same, and every one is a cue to the audience to stop listening.

(By the way, with just one exception a commercial's opening line never should be, "Hello, I'm <     >.")

If you follow a "formula," you will end up with formulaic commercials — i.e., predictable, lifeless, and easy to ignore.

Some Thinking Required.
(Just A Little, Honest.)

If you're looking for such a mindless "formula," don't waste your time and money on this book.

My 5-Step System is easy to use.

It's fun to use.

It works. (Boy, does it work!)

But it does require one additional ingredient: Your desire to produce results for the advertiser.

You'll learn my System quite effortlessly. But it's worthless to your client if you're not willing to devote 10 to 15 minutes to apply it to a commercial.

We're talking maybe 15 minutes from start to finish. Begin with a blank page, end with a finished commercial.

If you're not willing to devote 10 to 15 minutes to your client's commercial, please don't buy this book.

Download your copy now for just $29.95

Some Information Required.

In a perfect world, you would spend several days at your clients' place of business. Watching, listening, learning.

You would interview the client for a full day.

You'd spend another day or two interviewing the client's customers.

And then you'd have a few weeks in which to write the commercial.

As you've probably noticed already, however:

This is not a perfect world.

You will need to know at least a little bit about the client's business. Obviously, the more you know, the better.

Fortunately, Step One teaches you the exact question to ask of your client.

Step Two and Step Three will be easy to discover for each client.

The real power of this system, however, is concentrated in Step Four. It's a principle few people even are aware of, and once you learn how to apply it your copywriting suddenly and permanently will stand out from all the other advertising in your market.

Step Five is yet another principle that is unknown to most commercial copywriters. You'll learn it quickly. (I explain it in just two pages.) And after you incorporate it into your copywriting, you'll shake your head in wonderment that until now you've been writing advertising without the help of Step Five.

Download your copy now for just $29.95

A Rehash of "Conventional Wisdom"?

You might have read every book ever published on the subject of Advertising.

And still I promise you've never read about this System anywhere else.

How can I be so sure?

Because I created the 5-Step System. It's mine.

When you get to Step Four, you'll see that I'm telling you the truth when I say this System is unique.

Download your copy now for just $29.95

This is a great book! We see it being very beneficial not only because Clear Channel is talking to clients about :30s, but there is some terrific sales training there as well!

— Stuart Stanek, Clear Channel - Salt Lake City

I really was skeptical about this book. I've read a bunch of things about copywriting and found them somewhat repetitious. This book was different. Easy to read, and it gave a different slant on things.

Our Production Director and I especially appreciated your section on testimonial ads. We've both been struggling with the "Here's so-and-so to tell you about _____." They all sound alike, but we didn't realize it until you showed us a way to do them differently. Definitely a fresh approach to copywriting! Thanks!

— Lou Anne Lenzie, WLPO/WAJK/WKOT, La Salle

For Christmas, I asked my wife for this book as a stocking stuffer. What a gift! Our format is primarily 60-second ads, but we do a few :30s occasionally. But that's not why I asked for the book. I had a hunch that all of this would apply to 60's as well. I was does. It's stuffed with great tips -- easy to use and immediately applicable.

I've been to Dan's seminars, but it's great to have this on my desk and ready to use. I printed several copies of Page 72 to keep it on hand whenever interviewing a client about the creative for their ads. I wish I could make each client and rep read this book; it would make my job a hell of a lot easier.

— Ric Gonzalez, Infinity Broadcasting/Austin

Download your copy now for just $29.95

Why Does An Easy, 5-Step System
Require 76 Pages To Teach?

Although my 5-Step System is easy to use, I do have to teach you how to use it.

But I promise the 76 pages will fly by.

Heck, one of them is just the Title Page!

And then there's the Table of Contents; that takes up two pages.

So if you're the type of person who, when beginning a chapter of a book, first checks to see how many pages it contains — Hey, join the club.

Trust me:

Although my System is powerful, you won't be intimidated by it.

For each of the steps, I give numerous examples to make sure you understand exactly how to apply them.

And I've created "as you learn" worksheets for you to fill in as I walk you through each step of my System.

I've also included a 5-Step Copywriting Template for you to reproduce as needed in your day-to-day-work.

Download your copy now for just $29.95

Your book paid for itself in just a couple of days after I bought it. I wrote a spec ad for a client using your system, and they upped their buy. So if anyone asks if this book is worth it, I would tell them, "Yes!"

— Don Collett, KLXK/Breckenridge

Your 5-Step System has saved me time, helped me write creative, effective commercials and is helping me earn money by providing prospects and clients exciting solutions to their marketing problems. Thank you!

— Scott Winchell, Clear Channel Nashville

I loved this book! I found your system is very easy to use, and I have been very satisfied with the end results. It was well worth the small investment -- money well spent!

We all want to deliver the best results for our customers, and the information in your book certainly has helped improve my ability to write better spots that get the results the client expects.

— Blaine Kimball , KMOG/Payson

"I picked up your book '5 STEPS...' I write copy and produce for the station and found benefits in my first piece of copy using your method. Also, I was watching commercials on TV last evening and one of the first commercials I saw reflected the same method. Thanks for your commiment to making radio better."

— David Fortney, WCCW-FM & AM/WJZQ-FM/Traverse City

Download your copy now for just $29.95

You Will Write Better Commercials Immediately.

Depending upon your reading (and thinking) speed, you'll probably complete Dan O'Day's Guaranteed 5-Step System For Creating 30-Second Radio Commercials That Get Results in roughly 60 to 90 minutes. (That's assuming you complete the "as you learn" worksheets - which I urge you to do.)

You really will be able to apply my 5-Step System immediately after you learn it.

The System is ingenious.

And potent.

But easy to learn and easy to use.

Download your copy now for just $29.95

This system is a great way to get to the meat of the message when have half as much time to be just as effective. The 5-Step System shows you how. Still have the luxury of a :60? Now you know how to write a :30 to cut out the fluff, then just expand on what you have.

— Craig Allen, Citadel Broadcasting/Saginaw

We had allowed ourselves to start to sound a little stale. While we are a non-commercial station, your creative attention-getters have really helped us tune up our station promos as well as our community service announcements. Keep the creativity flowing!

— JT Burcham, WFCI/Lancaster

With the advent of Clear Channel's 'Less Is More' policy, this was a book I had to buy...and I'm glad I did. Reducing :60s to :30s is more than just cutting out half the verbiage, and your book demonstrates the why's and wherefore's clearly.

— Uncle Harley, Clear Channel/Panama City

Dan O'Day's Guaranteed 5-Step System For Creating 30-Second Radio Commercials That Get Results has become the cornerstone for my creative team in our market where 99% of commercials are :30s. It is interesting to hear the team continually quote from this book.

— Ken Sparkes, National Nine Network/Australia

Download your copy now for just $29.95

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