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ave you noticed that your radio station faces more competition than ever? Not just from other radio stations. You also compete with TV, the Internet, iPods, DVDs, cell phones — all vying for your audience's attention. It’s no longer enough to play songs, provide information, and make a lot of noise in the marketplace.

If you think you can win with “the best music mix” or “the best variety....”

Or “the most up-to-date information....”

Well, your competitors have access to the same music and information.

In the modern world of radio broadcasting, there is only one sure-fire way to attract and keep a large, loyal audience.


With Contextual Programming.

If you have the budget, I’ll be glad to fly to your city and teach your staff this comprehensive, revolutionary programming strategy — a strategy that you can begin implementing immediately.

Or you can download all my secrets right now with....

The Only Way To Win
In A Competitive Radio Market
by Dan O’Day

(109-page e-book) (PDF format)


This book will challenge the way you do just about everything on your station.

It might make you uncomfortable, as you are forced to choose:

Do you want to continue to follow the radio herd, or do you want to break away and become the leader of the pack?

Theory + Proof + Application

In CONTEXTUAL PROGRAMMING, I explain the psychology that makes this form of radio so powerfully effective. That’s the “theory.”

But like you, I’m a radio professional — not an academic in some ivory tower. That’s why it’s important that I demonstrate to you — from a variety of media and from “real life” itself — that the principles I’m teaching you really do work.

That’s the “proof.”

Of course, the part you’ll be most interested in is:

“How can I incorporate these principles into my station’s (or program’s) programming?”

I won’t just teach you the theory & principles and convince you that they work. I’ll show you how you can begin applying them immediately.

That’s the “application” part.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn.
  • The principle of “Time Expansion” as it applies to radio

  • TV news vs. radio news

  • How to harness your audience’s natural craving for “closure”

  • Three ways to create a context

  • The most powerful context

  • Context and branding

  • Context and relevance

  • Context and impact

  • Context and suspense

  • Context and surprise

  • The music context

  • The news context

  • Establishing a context with a name

  • Music and forward momentum

  • The single best way to create the listener sensation of “forward momentum”

  • The folly of “reading the map”

  • Why maintaining the listener’s interest is not enough

  • The 100% wrong way to test for “forward momentum” in a morning show. (You might already be paying your research company to do this — even thought it can ruin the show!)

  • What you always must do before giving information on-air

  • The most powerful method of holding onto the listener’s attention

  • How to let your listeners tell you exactly how to keep them involved in your programming. (No, I’m not talking about “focus groups” or audience surveys.)

  • The amazingly simple, incredibly effective Suspense Formula

  • The test that every news story you air must pass

  • The way in which many stations unknowingly decrease listenership with trivia contests

  • Creating uniqueness with Artificial Context. (This concept alone is worth the price of the book.)

  • How to convert “no context” into an audience-attracting context

  • Context and character

  • Context and relationships.

I know that CONTEXTUAL PROGRAMMING can elevate your station’s success almost overnight.

But to make sure you don’t just read the book, think “Gee, these are great ideas!” but then do nothing to implement them, I also am including 16 pages of worksheets to jump-start your radio ratings revolution.

With these bonus worksheets, you simply will have no excuse for not using the secrets of CONTEXTUAL PROGRAMMING immediately.

Download your copy now for just $27.

"I recently purchased some of your e-books and wanted to THANK YOU for continually putting out some great products. Contextual Programming is by far the best yet. Every programmer should own this book! I couldn't put it down. I found some of it to be 'out of the box' thinking and am already applying some of it. Kudos on one of the BEST books out there. Contextual Programming has raised the bar and set the new standard for all other programming books to follow. Great job & thanks."

— Rick Andrews, KPUR/Amarillo

"Another GREAT e-book. Thank you! Great material!"

— Rick Simmonds, Wyvern FM/United Kingdom

Download your copy now for just $27.

"I loved Contextual Programming. This one e-book is the difference between Musak and real radio. If your boss has considered 'let the computer run it' (and they all have), Contextual Programming is the only reason we still have jobs."

— Kathy Lynn, KOZY

"Contextual Programming made me stop and think. It was refreshing and challenging at the same time as I found myself asking, 'Am I really living up to the promise I make to my listeners? Do I really give them the best programming 24/7?' I really appreciated it. My PD and I were able to brainstorm, and the worksheets at the end of the book are tools we can revisit every month."

— Kiran Maharaj, Radio 90.5FM/Trinidad

Download your copy now for just $27.

"Great book. When you read it, you realise how a couple of simple changes can make such a difference to your station. It's almost annoyingly obvious that you didn't think of it before! This doesn't require you to re-work your station output; instead, just to rethink how you currently execute what you're currently doing."

— Gavin Harris, United Kingdom

"I've been in this biz a long time, and I'm glad I ordered this e-book. I got a great deal out of Contextual Programming. It caused me to clean up my act, and the show sounds better and I feel more connected to it all. I love walking away from my broadcast day having learned something. I did just that with Contextual Programming. See, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks."

— Steve Newman, Alabama

Download your copy now for just $27.

CONTEXTUAL PROGRAMMING is a 109-page e-book (PDF format), available for immediate download.

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The Only Way To Win
In A Competitive Radio Market
by Dan O’Day

(109-page e-book) (PDF format)


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