by Jim Cutler

elcome to the overnight show. The toughest, longest, lowest paid, craziest shift in an already crazy business.

Filled with hours that seem to stretch into days....

Stale coffee....

Food cravings....

An overly generous percentage of “unusual” listeners who sometimes seem like your only audience....

And a terrific opportunity for a bright, ambitious, talented, highly motivated radio performer.

Which Type of Overnight Jock Are You?

  1. You’re in the early stages of your career. The overnight shift is a stepping stone to bigger things.

    (THE OVERNIGHT RADIO HANDBOOK will help you reach your goals much more quickly.)

  2. You’re a seasoned professional who — to the bewilderment of your friends and family — prefers working in the middle of the night and sleeping during the day.

    (If you’re a pro, you’re never satisfied. THE OVERNIGHT RADIO HANDBOOK will, quite simply, help make your show as good as it can be.)

  3. You’ve been in radio a long time, you don’t like working overnights, but you don’t have the talent, ambition or dedication to move up the career ladder.

    (Sorry, THE OVERNIGHT RADIO HANDBOOK can’t help you. Please don’t waste your money on even this very modest career investment.)

    Fact: Your Audience Is Different

    Overnight radio listeners really are “a different animal.”

    They want different things from your radio station than primetime listeners want.

    They react differently to your talk elements.

    They react differently to your news and information.

    And they react very differently to your music. (Sadly, most PDs are completely unaware of the differences between “overnighters” and other listeners when it comes to music consumption.)

    Fact: You Can Have Personality in An Overnight Show

    Do you just show up, play the music, and try to stay awake until the morning show arrives?

    What a waste of your time!

    What a waste of your talent!

    What a waste of your potential!

    THE OVERNIGHT RADIO HANDBOOK will show you how some smart personalities are using the overnight shift to present “drive-time” quality, compelling programming.

    Fact: The Overnight Show Offers The Biggest Opportunity for Creative Experimentation and Innovation.

    “This shift has the smallest audience.”

    “This shift isn’t even measured in the ratings.”

    “My PD never ever listens to my show!”


    Guess what?

    That means you can try all sorts of new things with very little risk.

    Some of the most groundbreaking personality elements have been developed by creative overnight jocks who felt they had “nothing to lose.”

    Fact: You Are NOT Alone.

    If you do an overnight radio show, THE OVERNIGHT RADIO HANDBOOK is for you.

    In fact, it’s the only book ever written especially for you.

    It will be your friend, your companion, your guide, your constant source of inspiration during that long, lonely airshift.

    Order your copy now, because....

    You are not alone!

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