“THE book for radio personalities everywhere.”
Personality Radio
by Dan O’Day
(257-page e-book) (PDF format)

his is THE book for radio personalities who want to make the most out of their careers…and for program directors and managers who want to make the most out of their air talents. plus…
About The Author

Dan O'Day is a former award-winning, major market radio personality. At the age of 25, he left the day-to-day world of radio to launch his own comedy service, O'LINERS, which went on to become radio's most-subscribed-to humor service.

Since 1987 he has coached personality-oriented radio shows in 32 different countries, showing professionals in every imaginable format (both commercial and non-commercial) how to maximize the human connection between “air talent” and “listener.”


PERSONALITY RADIO is an insider's guide to on-air radio success — written by the person who has become synonymous with the concept & execution of that most magical part of radio: Personality.

PERSONALITY RADIO is crammed with ideas, tips & techniques designed for the radio personality who wants to get to the top…and stay there.

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Personality Radio
by Dan O’Day
(257-page e-book) (PDF format)

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Personality Radio will quickly become more important to you than a good pair of headphones or digital editing. The advice and instruction are of the utmost value for rookies and veterans alike. The book is well written and simply put...a great read!

More importantly, you will find inspiration and energy in this book. I read a small portion every day before I go on the air to draw on this inspiration and to crank up my energy level.

You will take heart to find there are hundreds of people who've walked down the radio path that have had the same problems, fears, adventures, and joy you have.

Personality Radio should be on ever air talent's bookshelf and in the air studio of every radio station.

— Jay Nunley (Charleston, WV)

Whenever I need to recharge myself about this great business of radio, I breeze through the number of stories by the pros that Dan features in the book. Whether you're new to radio or you've been at it for years. pick it up and get behind a mic.

— Dennis Falcone (Long Island, NY)

If you have aspirations of being in radio or t. v., or film, or just being one great individual in life, you should read the book Personality Radio by Dan O'Day. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Especially if you are in radio. You can't go wrong. In this book there is a lot of how to's. It is your road map as you travel the airways.

— Al MacDonald (St. Louis, MO)

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I am a radio announcer in Australia. Unforturnately noboby here is teaching what Dan O'Day has put in this book, It gave me the edge over all the other jocks. I go back over it when I'm becoming stale. It really is a 'must read' book for anyone in the industry.

— Brett Curtis (Australia)

I bought this book after seeing Dan at a workshop. There is no real secret to the stuff Dan teaches; most of it is simple common sense. But how many of us actually stick by the rules on-air each day? The material from jocks around the globe makes interesting reading, and although everything they suggest may not be relevant to your market, just one suggestion could make a difference and it's therefore worth buying the book to see. As Dan says, "Don't be better, be different"! Buy it!

— Scott Wilson (Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom)

As an on-air personality, you're always looking for an edge. Some way of outsmarting the other "jocks" and the competition. The radio business is all about entertainment, and there are many ways of doing it. Some of them are right and many are wrong. Dan cuts through all of the clutter and gets you on the right track. He has written the true "JOCKS BIBLE." I've been using his book as a basis for my show, and it has helped me big time!!! If you are just starting out in the business or if you've been in it for ten years, you MUST buy this book!!!

— Grant Clark (Vernon, BC, Canada)

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This book is essential for anyone in radio, whether you're just getting started, or have been doing it for years! I couldn't put it down the first time I read it, and it's always right there for me to reference! THIS BOOK IS ESSENTIAL FOR ANY RADIO PROFESSIONAL!

If you currently work, or want to work in radio, you don't need this book — IF you have a perfect Program Director (PD) who has amassed many years of knowledge AND is willing to sit down with you for a few hours every day to teach you everything he or anyone else has ever learned about being a creative, entertaining radio personality.

However, you absolutely MUST have this book if: Your PD is occasionally "too busy" to aircheck. If you're new to the business and want to improve quickly and learn the secrets of the ages. Or if you've been a DJ for a couple years and the Station Manager suddenly says, "Hey, wanna be the PD?" Quite honestly, this is one of those rare books which entertains while completely educating about its chosen field.

Even if you HAVE worked in radio for a couple, ten, twenty years, you WILL still get new ideas from this book. Perhaps more importantly, it will get you re-energized and excited about your work, just by giving examples of the successes of others. Read it all once through, then go to work and put it to use. After that, make it a bathroom book — one to be picked up every day and read for a few minutes, just long enough to get another idea and an important inspiration.

— "djjackd" (Kawasaki, Kanagawa Japan)

Dan O'Day's material, well, I've been using for years from this fantastic book. I was already a radio DJ, then, I read Personality Radio, I then moved up to major markets and my Career shot up!! Thanks Dan, and, his seminars are off the hook, too!!

— Andy Barber (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

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For anyone in Radio, this book is a MUST HAVE! Doesn't matter if you're just getting started or a seasoned veteran of the biz, Dan O'Day brings insights to real world radio, in an easy and fun read. The true stories of weird radio happenings will make you laugh, and the studies of radio philosophy will make you better on the air. I use this book as a training aid for new jocks, and it makes them better, almost overnight. Plus it's a good reference for those of us that have been in the trenches for years. Read this book and you will never approach a daily show the same way, again. This is the Radio Bible.

— Danny McWilliams (Texas)

What a delight to finally have a sourcebook for up and coming radio professionals! Dan O'Day not only teaches but inspires broadcasters on every level. His guidelines for radio are not only thought provoking but also help those creative juices to start flowing. I highly recommend this to the very green and seasoned alike!

— Doug Taylor (Hartford, CT)

This is a must have book. Several weeks after I started applying the principles I learned in Personality Radio, I was called in by my PD. He was so impressed by the changes in my show — he wanted to know my secret. Wow — I was floored. I was not a radio rookie, but my PD was a seasoned, major market pro who I greatly admired. I couldn't believe he was coming to me for advice! That was the nicest compliment I ever had.

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This book renewed my love for radio. I woke up in the mornings excited about going to work. The book sparked my creativity, and my ratings increased. I anchored the afternoon drive. In the Arbitron, I was the top rated DJ at our station.

— "djbeth" (South Carolina)

I firmly believe you are never too old to learn, and that is just what I did with this book. Learn, learn, learn. It was not what I expected at first. I thought it would be full of "do this but don't do that," but what it turns out to be is a compilation of some of America's top (and I mean TOP) broadcasters talking about how they did it, things that worked for them, and more importantly, things that didn't!

I was also surprised by what I gained out of it. It made me think about what I was on-air for, what my audience expected of me, and how I had to deliver the same product constantly.

They say that there are no new tricks, just re-hashed old ones, and this book gives you some of the best ideas from the best in the business. The only downside for me was the book is virtually exclusively written about the American radio market, but you can still transform the ideas into your local market. If you are in radio (or want to be!), you need this book!

— John Cooper (Merseyside, UK)

Personality Radio is a must for any Air Personality...especially for those new in the business or those wanting to get on the air.

There's so much information in this book, I don't know where to begin. Think of it like this: If you're a young Air Personality, this book will tell you all the stuff you need to know but are afraid to ask. What to put on your aircheck demo...What to put on your resume...How to make a package that will get the PD's attention...It's all inside this book.

Then there are all the things you need to create a great show. Bits, Show Prep, Promotions, Critiques...I could go on but you get the idea. If you're serious about radio and want to have a radio career, BUY THIS BOOK!!

— "mikek304" (Little Rock, AR)

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As a working broadcast professional with 25 years in the radio business, I found O'Day's book to be a good realistic guide, offering real world tips and insights into the workings of a radio personality. Any manager of highly creative people can use this book as a way to maximize their potential. I refer back to O'Day's book on occasion when I need to be reinvigorated.

— Gary Daigneault (Joshua Tree CA)

If you work in radio (or would like to) you need this book. The only people who make any money on the radio (and, pretty soon the only people who'll be able to get on-air jobs) are "personalities" and, because of satellite-delivered and automated programming, the places to learn the craft (small market stations where you can get hired and be free to stink up the air without getting axed or ruining your name) are becoming harder and harder to find.

Dan O'Day's book will help you skip ahead on the learning curve and better equip you to beat the competition for the jobs and, once you have a job, the other guys in your market (which are now often the biggest names in the business, thanks to satellite programming). If you have any natural talent at all O'Day can help you turn it into a career. I make a nice living in a place I love and, at least on a good day, I get paid to have fun and people praise me for it. You can't beat that, and I have Dan O'Day to thank for some of the advice that made it happen.

— Scott Sullivan (Russell Springs, KY)

When you're on air, flying by the seat of your pants, there's no time to think about radio theory. This book is like the bible of radio; you will learn so many things to dramatically improve your
presentation skills. Buy it, read it and get on air!!

— Barry Newmarch (England, UK)

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I purchased this book when I was just getting into the radio business, and it has been a great tool ever since. Not only for attaining the goals that I had set for myself, but for teaching and coaching my staff.

It has been useful to me many times over and will certainly continue to be. Like all of the material that I have seen from Dan O'Day, it is written in an informative and entertaining manner and has useful information for anyone at any level of the radio business.

— Max Cooper (USA)

With 19.5 years experience behind me I've seen and read a lot material supposedly designed to help radio announcers take the step to being a "Personality." This book remains #1 on my list of recommendations. What many radio people, young and old, never understand is that there is both art and science to creating an on- air personality.

Dan walks you through the concepts, interviews some of the legendary personalities, and gives you the tools to create your own, unique style on-air. If you're willing to open your mind and work hard Dan will give you the tools to blow the competition out of the water, into the weeds and off the planet. If you only buy one radio book in your career, make it THIS book.

— Jay Phillippi (Bemus Point, NY)


Why would I say such a thing? Because like most radio people I want to have an advantage and Dan O'Day's Personality Radio might give you exactly that. (Hey, it was worth a try.) Dan's sage advice will make you a better personality. The downside, you'll actually have to put into practice the advice he gives.

Personality Radio is a 259 page collection of O'Day's wit and wisdom. It includes excerpts from R&R (Radio and Records) convention panels, Dan's long running articles for R&R, national seminars and even interviews with major radio personalities like Howard Stern, Rick Dees, Jonathon Brandmeier and the Greaseman. Personality Radio covers the basics (show prep, properly editing phone calls, the "right way" to use comedy services, etc.) as well as more advanced ideas (cross-media promotion, character development, the art of teasing bits etc.)

As great as this book is for on-air personalities, it is just as helpful for radio programmers and managers. Dan deals with the issues of how great personalities are motivated and developed, and gives samples of his critiques of various jocks....

— "rmiller158" (Mobile, AL)

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Dan O'Day's Personality Radio is chock full of great radio stuff! Although the book was written primarily as a "how-to" book for air personalities (and those who aspire to be behind the mic), the stories shared by some of the biggest stars of broadcasting will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever been captivated by the voices coming out of the radio.

If you've ever wondered how and why Howard Stern, Rick Dees, The Greaseman, Jonathon Brandmeier and others do what they do, you'll enjoy O'Day's one-on-one candid conversations with the nation's great air talent. The book is filled with terrific "radio stories" of what goes on inside those studios that listeners can't see.

You're sure to get a kick out of chapters like "the Air Personalities Ten Commandments" (Thou shalt answer thy request line) and "the Radio Bedtime Story." The book also gives you a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the nuts and bolts of becoming a great
on air personality.

Although the book was written in 1987, the basics of great personality radio are timeless. Dan O'Day's Personality Radio is a must read glimpse into the studio that you won't want to miss.

— Burke Allen (Washington, DC)

Dan's Personality Radio is the absolute bible for anyone who does any kind of radio show.

I still to this day go back and read or think about what Dan says in that book. It has so many good bits of information on how to be better at what we do. Dan is honest, straightforward and always on target with his views and advice.

This is the kind of book you can read all the way through in one night or read it one page at a time over a year's time. And you can go back and read it and still be informed about what makes you a better radio person.

— Paul Stone (Tupelo, Mississippi)

I would recommend this book to anyone who is after longevity in radio. It is full of ideas on how to bring out and to a point how to create a radio personality. Hints and tips from existing personalities are always welcome. This book also comes with back-up support from a very good author's website.

— Simon Parry (United Kingdom)

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Okay, so I don't do mornings, but I do know a few people who do. However, I have read this book, and I found it to be very insightful. Especially near the end of the book with the actual personality interviews. This book teaches you the ins and outs of doing bits, breaks, and what to do while you are on the air. This is a great book to read especially if you are looking to get into the radio "business." Because we all know in today's radio, you just can't get up and wing it anymore, and there aren't too many programmers who have time to stop and show you the basics. Pick up this book. It's definitely worth the money. You will be glad you did.

— Nick (Alabama)

Dan O'Day is the recognized leader in radio personality development and management assistance. I have purchased this book several times and given it to my disc jockeys. Every disc jockey I've given it to improved substantially in their on-air performance. Some read the part about getting a better job and moved on, but that's my problem.

I would recommend this book to every disc jockey, disc jockey in training, program director, program director in training, and general manager. Yes, even the top brass should read this book, so that they better understand what the "talent" side of the business is trying to tactically accomplish when they ask for that extra cash in some budget.

— William A (Syracuse, IN)

Anyone who listens to the radio thinks all you have to do is play records and give stuff away. Dan digs into what makes the job more than the 3-4 hours on the air. This is the best basic manual for being a "personality." This will give you the building blocks, great examples, and much to think about. The secret that Dan points out best is that it is not just about you but the listener. If you are in radio, or thinking about it, it is well worth the read.

— Tim Murphy (Nashville, TN)

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I found the book a really useful working document that helped me greatly in a number of areas. It's crammed with hints and suggestions that morning jocks like myself need to be aware of. I enjoyed the interviews Dan conducted with some "heavyweight" names from radio, especially one of my fave's, Rick Dees, who talks about his early days as a jock. The "Ten Commandments" should be studied carefully by anyone serious about a broadcasting career. Highly informative and amusing into the bargain, get this book!!!

— Timmy Ryan (Waterford, Co. Waterford Ireland)

I've been in city, national and international radio for the last 8 years, and this is the book I keep coming back to again and again when I need to remind myself of how it should be done. Personality Radio is the bible for jocks the world over. If you're in any way serious about your career, then this is the place to start.

— Rick O'Shea (Dublin, Ireland)


Personality Radio by Dan O'Day is essential reading for any aspiring broadcaster and experienced pro. For the novice, it will give you the benefit of the best inside information in the business. For the seasoned professional, you will learn that you are not to old to learn a new trick or review your own performance! The craft of broadcasting and tastes of employers is always changing. Staying ahead of the game requires a combination of flexibility, an open mind and a clear understanding of the basics. Personality Radio is unique. It's a book you will read and re-read over and over. The top radio heroes and performers tell you their own slant on what sets them apart from the crowd. Sadly, not all of us have the benefit of a career mentor. Now you have available around the clock for support and inspiration. When you get this book, make sure you mark it clearly with your name in magic marker!!!

— Gavin McCoy (United Kingdom)

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A great book for aspiring presenters or DJs who want to take their careers to new heights... even if it is American! :)

— Mike Banbrook (London, UK)

In a world of radio becoming more and more scripted and linear, Dan's book is a great trigger for those elusive creative ideas. And if you're one of those people lucky enough to have a huge flow of ideas, Dan's the man to demonstrate how they've been done elsewhere successfully. Easy to read and a very useful reference; I wouldn't be without my copy. The ideas, suggestions and guidelines work worldwide — don't be put off by the U.S. source!

— Simon Tims (United Kingdom)

I have been in radio over 3 years. After my first year, I started looking for new inspirations to help me grow as an Air Talent. In a small market some PDs don't want to help you. Personality Radio gave me some food for thought. And when I wasn't getting the guidance from my PD I needed, I found some of it in Personality Radio. I also enjoyed the stories from the major market talents. Definitely worth the money.

— Wes Poe (Phoenix, AZ)

 Download your copy now for just $29.95 

From the day I entered the world of commercial radio, everyone was telling me "You have to be a personality. Don't just get on and play records and tell the time — anyone can do that." So how does someone who wants to succeed in radio get some tips on being a personality? Dan O'Day had the right idea a number of years ago and decided to put a few thoughts down on paper, and hence Personality Radio.

The book explores some of the basic do's and don'ts of becoming an on-air personality....It includes information on how to write and prepare comedy pieces and how to make them different from the dozen other radio shows that may do the same bit...And of course something that I as a radio programmer consider to be an important part of any show, how to work the telephones and come up with great radio.

Plus, Dan uses the book to speak with some of radios great personalities.....Rick Dees, Harry Shearer, Howard Stern...and the list goes on. Oh yeah, and some great radio stories — I like the one about the music director getting into a brawl with the sales manager in the studio; I can sort of relate to that sometimes. Personality Radio Volumes 1 and 2 sit on my shelf in my office. I use them regularly plus I have loaned them out to announcers on various occasions....and the consensus is that Personality Radio is well worth the investment. If you want to take a big leap to becoming a better radio personality, this is one book you should have in your collection.

— "bkeohane" (Mackay, Qld, Australia)

I first bought this book when I was just starting in the radio industry. It was recommended to me by a number of older announcers and I decided to give it a try. Well, can I just say, I would probably not be where I am today without the invaluable information found within the pages of this manual. Because that's what this book is. It basically tells you, step by step, the things you need to do in order to be a successful radio personality. I have had older announcers who have borrowed my copy say to me, "Wow, I wish I had this book when I was starting out." Most even admit to learning new things from this extraordinary book.

Not only do you get a manual to your soon to be successful career, but you get interviews with other superstar industry personalities such as Dick Orkin, Jonothan Brandmeier, and Rick Dees. If you think I am over-rating this review, then you are wrong. I owe a lot to this one book. It is invaluable and I still read it to this day. If you are in the radio business, and want to take the next step into making yourself a stand out personality, then buy this book! Now!

— Phil M (Australia)

Whether you're an overnighter who hopes to get the chops to move up in day-part or a seasoned pro who could use a few good ideas or the burnt-out jock who needs a little pick-me-up, Personality Radio is a must-have. Dan has been there, and his insights are explained clearly enough for talent in any market to be able to implement with only minimal practice.

— KC Allen (Findlay, Ohio)

 Download your copy now for just $29.95 

Dan is an excellent presenter. He is great in front of a microphone with or without a studio (or lecture hall) audience. He exudes personality. How could you not feel his enthusiasm? How could he not be infectious? (Not THAT kind of infectious!) Simply put, you can, and he is. Dan somehow managed to transfer all that into a book! I don't know how he did it, but he did. You will learn, and you will be entertained. I imagine you will finally GET what it means to be a personality when you read this book. I did, and then I realized I was not a personality on-air.

Since then I have managed them and worked hard to help people see what I saw when I read this book. This is the next best thing to hiring Dan to help with any presentation styles you need coaching on. Buy a copy for yourself. Buy one for your friend. Both of you will be better personalities within hours of reading the book. Seriously, with practice and the guidance from Dan O'Day I bet I'll be listening to your show someday, wishing you worked at my station!

This book is truly the bible of Personality Radio. Dan O'Day takes you through the steps of radio in a clear and concise manner that both beginners and seasoned radio professionals can benefit. If you are new to radio and you want to develop your skills, this a must read. After reading this book, you may want to check out Personality Radio II — both are great.

— "justincruz" (Honolulu HI)

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about a career in radio. It was the first ever industry book that I invested in and it is filled with tips, suggestions and examples on how to improve on-air performance. Some comments will inspire you, some will at least remind you that you are doing some things correctly. The book offers excellent advice on how to connect with the listener by relating to the audience. I have used this book on a number of occasions in training presenters and I have found the easy to read, jargon-free approach that O'Day uses perfect in giving radio newbies an instant overview of the do's and don't's of good radio.

Even if you are a seasoned pro, this is a valuable tool to use to check that you are still paying attention to the basics elements of good broadcasting. Don't be put off by the title either; even if you are working a tight format you will benefit from this publication. I wish that this book had been available when I started out in radio — and so may some of my former listeners!

 Download your copy now for just $29.95 

Personality Radio is the best read for anyone considering a career in broadcasting. Radio veteran Dan O'Day puts his years of radio experience into text with great advice and tips on show prep, getting a radio gig (and keeping it), plus excerpts of conversations with radio pros Rick Dees, Gary Owens, Howard Stern and more. The best part of this book is the "Job Hunting Survival Guide." Over 30 pages of how to's on finding a job, what to do if you lose your job, sample resume's and more! If you want to learn about the radio biz, get this book.

— "dpipper" (Lansing, MI)

Dan O'Day's book, Personality Radio, offers Dan's personal experiences as a top rated air personality as well as that of some of the top names in radio today. Whether the novice or the seasoned pro, this book is a must! Personality Radio is alive and well thanks to Dan O'Day. Order it today!! You'll be glad you did a thousand times over.

— Bill Ray (Salina, KS)

Being a person whom has attended several Dan O'Day seminars and a proud Owner of Personality Radio, I guarantee you it always brings your spirit up about the industry (not job) we are in. Dan O'Day's Personality Radio is a must-have for any serious on-air personality or Program Director. Take it from one PD — it's a Radio must-have.

— Ray Robicheaux (Houma, LA)

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This book helps every air personality to improve his or her show. Very helpful tips for being a real personality on the air. After reading this book for the first time, (I've read it more then 5 times until now), I couldn't wait to go into the studio for the next show. (My favorites are the interviews with the stars of the American industry and the exciting "radio story.") If you can't meet Dan O'Day by joining one of his seminars, read this book ... and give it to your PD :-)

Tons of useful tips, great radio stories and interviews with the legends.

— Thomas Conrad (Berlin, Germany)

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