A PD Grad School Special Report...

Is this the smartest guy in radio?


A Message from Dan O’Day:

At first glance, he doesn’t look especially smart.

Doesn’t look dumb, either.

Just looks kinda like a mid-level manager at your local department store, doesn’t he?

But....Look again. More closely.

Notice how his jaw is thrust out & up – as if to say, “Go ahead. Take your best shot.”

Notice that smug little smirk, as though he knows something you don’t. (He does. More about that later.)

And now, if you dare, look more closely at those eyes. Those cruel, penetrating, merciless eyes.

Those are the eyes of the most brilliantly competitive person I’ve ever met during my entire radio career.

A guy who would rather sever a limb than lose a single ratings point to a competitor.

A man who is responsible for some of the most extraordinary radio successes in history.

His name is Randy Michaels.

He started in radio as an engineer. Back then, nobody ever heard of him.

Then he became a disc jockey. Still, nobody ever heard of him.

It was when Randy became a program director that, suddenly, lots of people started hearing about him.

Incredible, come-from-behind ratings successes against bigger, more powerful, richer competitors.

His success took him to the top position in Jacor Broadcasting. Jacor was a name to be feared – unless, of course, you didn’t work in a market where you had to compete against them.

Example? You might have heard about this legendary feat. It really happened:

Jacor bought a station in a Top 25 market, and Randy targeted the Number One, supposedly “unbeatable” heritage station there.

Until then, no other company had even dared go up against that station.

His station aired promos demanding that the #1 station pay the Jacor station one million dollars – or Randy’s station would change formats to compete directly with the #1 station.

Probably they should have paid the million bucks. Randy’s station wiped out the #1 station in a single ratings book.

Because the leaders at the #1 station didn’t understand the art of Positioning, they did pretty much everything wrong in trying defend against Randy’s attack.

The ultimate result? It was the (formerly) #1 station that ended up changing its format!

This incident is detailed in the book that every radio station programmer and every radio station manager needs to read:

by Randy Michaels


(90-page e-book) (PDF format)

Download your copy now for just $27

Who Needs This Book?

Anyone who programs and/or manages a radio station in a competitive market.

If you have competitors, order this book right now.

(And hope that your competitors are too complacent, too lazy, or too busy resting on their laurels to learn the principles of Positioning as they apply to radio...from the master himself.)

Download your copy now for just $27

The price you're charging is a bargain. The sheer amount of new knowledge and the reinforcement of stuff I already knew is worth thousands. I bought it, downloaded it, read it, and then read it again. Tonight, I will read it a third time. The great thing is all of this stuff is actionable. Thanks for another great product!

— Jay Nunley/WRVC

My station has three sales reps, all brand new to radio. Yesterday I had to teach them about our station, our target and our position. You've got no idea how handy this book will be over the coming weeks and months.

— Scott Van Der Linden, 4MK/Australia

Download your copy now for just $27

Who Doesn’t Need This Book?

If you don’t have any radio competitors – and know that you’ll never have any competition – then I can’t honestly say that you need this book.

So if you’ve got a guaranteed, exclusive monopoly on your radio market – no competition allowed – you don’t “need” this book.

Just You And Randy Michaels....

Randy will personally walk you through the building blocks you need to create a winning radio station:

  • Radio: A Zero-Sum Game

  • What Is Marketing? (Very few radio people can correctly answer that question.)

  • Consumer-Focused Marketing

  • Radio: A More Difficult Business Than It Used To Be

  • Satisfying Your Two Sets of Customers

  • How (And Why) To Think Like An Owner

  • Fun & Games: The Secret

  • Packaging

  • The Delivery System

  • The Price/Value Curve

  • Your Station’s Unique Selling Proposition

  • Playing (or Not Playing) The Cost Per Point Game

  • Your Station’s Character

  • The Four Positions of War

  • Principles of Defense

  • Principles of Offense

  • Principles of Flanking

  • Guerrilla Principles

  • The Five Elements of Product Adoption

  • Your Quarterly Marketing Plan

  • What To Do When You’re Outgunned

  • Hot Medium vs. Cold Medium

  • Confusion Benefits The Leader

  • When You’re The Little Guy

  • Seizing A Position

  • Art, Science and Research

Download your copy now for just $27

Fantastic, it's the Positioning bible! I've long been a Randy Michaels admirer, but until now I had to pick his brain vicariously thru articles in the trades. Good to have the equivalent of "The Radio Art of War."

— Andy Holt, WTKM

Randy Michaels certainly is a visionary. He makes it very easy to understand...even for a guy like me! I am a morning host with a background in programming; these materials are effective to use no matter what side you sit on.

— Bob Wallace, Lite107FM/Canada

In 32 years in the biz, I realized how fortunate I am to have never worked at a station Randy Michaels was trying to take down. Sadly, I have never been on his winning team, either. He's a strategic genius.

I haven't read or seen or heard ANYTHING over my career that has inspired and renewed my commitment like this. If you don't feel a new-found sense of power at the end of the last page, get the hell out of radio.

— John Majhor, WCOO

Download your copy now for just $27

  • Where your station’s marketing must begin.

  • The importance of understanding your market’s competitive matrix. (Randy explains the concept and gives concrete, specific examples of exactly how and why this is so important.)

  • Why “trying to change someone’s mind” with advertising almost never works.

  • The intangible element that comprises the majority of the actual value of your station.

  • Why and how a station manager needs to educate the program director.

  • Why and how a program director needs to educate the station manager.

  • Exactly how the use of competitive “fun & games” can damage your own station.

  • The best position for you to own on the “Price/Value Curve.”

  • The four requirements of a successful station’s Unique Selling Proposition.

  • How to move your station beyond “utility status” in the minds of your listeners.

  • Your strongest protection against being forced by time buyers to play the “Cost Per Point” or “Cost Per Thousand” game. (Unfortunately, very few radio salespeople even are aware of this concept.)

Download your copy now for just $27

I've already used this book to come up with a promotion to help us build a base for our next marketing campaign based on our listeners' positive perceptions of our station and negative perceptions of our competitors. As with all the material that comes via Dan O'Day, the book has already had a positive influence on our station... and I'm still only halfway through reading it!

— Jonathan Woodward, 103.4 The Beach/England

I am so glad I purchased Randy Michaels' e-book, Positioning Your Radio Station. I wish I had had access to this book years ago! Michaels is someone I've always looked up to and respect a great deal. What a track record! This book really made the wheels turn. It forced me to look at my competition with fresh eyes and to re-think how I see my own stations. Randy's principles of offense, defense, thinking like an owner, and the Program Effectiveness Rating were very helpful to me. He inspired a great deal of thought about my stations, my programming, and how we market ourselves. I highly recommend this book!

— Dennis Lowe, KWLO/KXEL

Download your copy now for just $27

  • Your station’s Impact Index.

  • How and why most positioning statements actually lower the station’s impact rating.

  • The folly of “sticking your research right on the air.”

  • How to educate time buyers and ad agencies. (Note: Although this book is not devoted to radio sales, Randy does explain some key principles that all salespeople should know, too.)

  • How to define your station’s character...and how to determine if you’re being true to it.

  • The incredibly foolish blunder many stations make when choosing to “defend their position.”

  • The single best way to defend your position.

  • Playing war games within your station.

  • The one thing a winning radio station never must allow a competing station to do.

  • “Covering Your Base” – It means life or death for any leading radio station.

  • Offense vs. Defense: Which is the preferred position?

Download your copy now for just $27

Thank you so much for the opportunity to purchase the Randy Michaels e-book. It is absolutely fantastic and really inspirational. I wish more PDs and GMs and Sales Managers would read it.

— Brent Burridge, 3MP/Australia

In the fast-food culture that we now live in, sometimes we are so busy we forget the basics and lose focus. Reading Positioning Your Radio Station was like throwing cold water on my face -- waking me up and reminding me of the importance of being focused on doing the basics RIGHT! I have always admired Randy Michaels' work, and this book did not disappoint.

— Andy Vierra, Newsradio 970 AM

Download your copy now for just $27

  • Playing Offense via chunking.

  • The single strongest position.

  • The single most important element of a successful Flanking strategy.

  • Consumer Focus vs. Competitor Awareness.

  • The Guerrilla format that will attract listeners in almost any market.

  • The importance of establishing a true Relative Advantage.

  • The danger of advertising superlatives instead of advertising your Relative Advantage.

  • The danger of being too structured in your Production Room.

  • Divisibility: What it means, why it’s vital to your success.

  • The power of Simplicity.

  • Compatibility among your cluster of values.

Download your copy now for just $27

I couldn't be happier with this book! In this world of lazy radio programmers and remote control radio stations, spending a few hours with Randy Michaels will quickly remind you what this business is all about and what it really could be if every station was as inspired! In short: You can't help but be better at what you do after reading this book! Thanks to both Randy and to Dan for sharing the "gold."

— Jon Pole, 96.1 myFM/Canada

Lots of useful tips to keep us ahead in a competitive market. The book is great value for money, and you can keep going back to it at any time!

— Chris Buckley, Dee 106.3 (England)

Download your copy now for just $27

  • What your average listener must be able to do for your station to succeed.

  • Your Monthly Marketing Plan Checklist.

  • The most valuable external ratings influence for a News/Talk station.

  • How too many radio people throw away their money on billboards.

  • What billboards can do for your station...And what they can’t.

  • Keeping a Competitive Intelligence File on your competitors (and what it should contain).

  • What to do if a bigger competitor constantly “covers” your positions (i.e., copies your ideas).

  • Best strategy for a small market station that is squeezed in between two larger markets.

  • Some brilliant examples of a smaller competitor repositioning a huge competitor.

  • How to seize a position that a competitor already owns.

  • Two very advanced (but easy), very powerful ways to use your ratings research.

Download your copy now for just $27

Positioning Your Radio Station by Randy Michaels is great! Well worth the money to tap into a mind as sharp as Randy's. I read it, and then I went right back to the beginning and read it again to make sure I didn't miss anything! I'm sure I'll be reading it again from time to time, because Randy is so great at cutting through the clutter and getting right down to it.

— Greg Runyon, KKRQ-FM

This is a really easy read that's definitely worth the price. Any Program Director (or, for that matter, any radio person) who doesn't put this book down and think, "I need to take another look at the way I'm programming, positioning, selling and most importantly thinking about my radio station" is missing something.

— Daryl Holien, Lite92fm/104.9 The Wolf (Canada)

Download your copy now for just $27

POSITIONING YOUR RADIO STATION is a 90-page e-book (PDF format), available for immediate download.

Your book can be read (and printed) from any computer that has Acrobat Reader (Version 4.0 or higher).

If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for FREE from:

If you program or manage a radio station, you must learn how to apply the principles of Positioning in your market, for your station...

...from the guy who knows more about how to do it than anyone else in radio.

 Download your copy now for just $27 

(90-page e-book) (PDF format)

Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you’ll be able to download this valuable book immediately!

 Download your copy now for just $27