What if you could distribute your own customized Station Sales Production Handbook to every member of your sales team... tomorrow??

A message from Dan O’Day....

If you work at a commercial radio station, then I know your station has the following:
  • A Creative/Production Department

  • A Sales Department

  • Occasional conflict between the two departments
What if there were a tool that would eradicate 90% of your Sales/Production conflicts?


What if this tool were exceptionally easy to customize to your station, your market, and your staff?

And what if you could download that tool right now and start using it tomorrow?

I’m talking about

Such A Brilliant Idea That I Wish....

I wish I had created it.

Instead, it’s the brainchild of three very talented, accomplished major market station producers.

They created a 14-page Advertising & Production Handbook that is given to each member of the station’s Sales Department.

All the account executives. And the sales assistants. And anyone else involved in the process of helping to deliver results-producing, profit-generating radio advertising.

The Handbook demystifies radio advertising.

It provides clear guidelines that must be followed.

It makes it clear that these are not “suggestions.” These are rules.

The Handbook provides a road map for salespeople who want to do the best job for their clients.

Here’s What The Handbook Teaches The Account Executives.

    Who We Are — A one-page biographical section that “sells” the creative team to the sales team.

I’ve never seen this done at any other station, and it’s absolutely brilliant:

It sends account executives out in to the field proud to be working with such an accomplished creative team — and much more confident in the station’s ability to deliver meaningful, measurable results for their clients.

    What We Do — In a single page, the handbook explains to the sales team exactly what the creative team does. And they cleverly offer “social proof” to back up their explanation.

    How We Do It — These four pages include:
  • “General Procedure” — Six steps that explain “how you get your spot on the air.”

  • “Copy Guidelines” — A nine-step guide to do’s & don’ts of good commercial copy, including
    • Preferred writing style
    • Rules regarding “first person” copy
    • Use of phone numbers
    • Use of addresses
    • Copy submission deadlines
    • Air talent voiced copy deadlines
    • Rules regarding use of copyrighted music in commercials

  • “Creative Meetings” — A real gem that you’ll want to adopt as soon as you see this. Includes the three types of Creative Meetings available to clients.

  • “Commercial Fees” — No one at your station ever should have to ask, “What do we charge a client who wants to air our commercial on another station? In more than one market? Single-voiced ‘straight’ commercial read? Multi-voiced, fully produced rate?”

    Just fill in the blanks with your own rates and policies. It’s that easy.

  • “Copy Deadlines” — No arguments, no hassles. The deadlines for salespeople to submit their production requests are all spelled out. Once again, you just paste in your own station’s rules.

  • “Studio Time” — Two golden paragraphs that apply to situations when the client wants to record their own commercial (or bring in outside talent to voice it). Never again will your entire operation grind to a halt because you didn’t have the proper rules in place regarding scheduling and regulating client sessions.

  • “Promo Production” — Does your station ever sell remote broadcasts or other packages that include a certain number of “promo” spots? Here’s a five-step system for ensuring that everyone is happy: The Sales Department; the Creative Department; and, of course, the Client.

  • “Paid Programming” — Many stations have at least one paid program, often on weekends. These five steps define exactly what kind of special production the client is entitled to and how it is to be accomplished.

    Why We Do It This Way — I never would have thought of this; fortunately, these three guys did.

Now that you’ve explained to your account executives exactly what you do for your clients and how you do it, in just a single page you explain why you do it this way.

This is a crucial component of the handbook — getting your Sales Department fully “on board” with your internal commercial production operation.

    Handy Sales Tips — Three pages that cover a lot of vital territory, including:
  • Smoothing the way for “in a hurry” copy

  • Spec Spots

  • Integrating Disclaimers (including a 3-step system for keeping your commercial from being destroyed by legal disclaimers)

  • “Radio Coupons” — How to handle it when the client wants to say, “Mention this ad....”

    Handy Reference Materials — A single page listing valuable Internet resources for your salespeople. (Remember, you can replace some or all of these with others of your choosing. But your account executives will profit greatly from the ones already listed on this page.)

    Creative Team Contact Info — A single page listing everyone involved in the commercial creative process and exactly how to reach each of them.

You Could Write Your Own Handbook From Scratch.

Let’s face it:

You COULD start from scratch and create your own handbook, without our help.

Probably you could do it in two days.

But you and I both know you’ll never be able to set aside two full days to devote to creating a Sales Production Handbook. (When is the last time you had two “free days” to devote to anything? )

Frankly, that wouldn’t be a prudent investment of your time. Because with YOUR STATION’S SALES PRODUCTION HANDBOOK, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

All you need to do is fill in the information that applies to your station operation. In just one hour, you can have your own customized Sales Production Handbook.

Think about that: Just one hour from now, your Sales Production Handbook can be ready to distribute to your entire staff.

And that’s an EASY hour.

No hard writing.

No sweating over what to say or how to say it.

We’ve already done the “mental heavy lifting” for you.

All you have to do is plug in your station’s information.

In fact, your customized Sales Production Handbook could be 100% ready just 30 minutes after you download it.

Just 14 Pages.

We’re talking about the real world of commercial radio.

Your salespeople don’t have the time to read some thick, 2-pound “station operations manual.”

That’s why the entire SALES PRODUCTION HANDBOOK numbers just 14 pages.

Easy for you to adapt perfectly to your station operation.

Easy — even fun — for your account executives to read in just a few minutes. And to refer to repeatedly whenever they have a question (rather than wander into your office and ask, “Say, what’s our policy on....?”).

Of course, you can make it longer than 14 pages. Want to add a few areas not already covered in the master document you’ll receive? Easy!

Want to omit one or more of the topics covered? No problem!

Here’s The Really Cool Part.


1. A PDF “e-book” that can be opened, read and printed from any computer system (PC, Macintosh, etc.).

The PDF version contains the complete Sales Production Handbook, along with instructions on how to modify it to fit your own station operation.

2. A Microsoft Word version of the actual Sales Production Handbook. If you’re among the 95% of the world that uses Microsoft Word, you can open this file and make your changes directly into the “Word” document.

(If you don’t use “Word,” you can easily copy the contents of the PDF version. If you use Microsoft Word, your customization will be completed so quickly that you’ll feel guilty for calling it “work.”)

A Few Words Regarding A Few Pages.

I just know that at least confused person will think, “O’Day expects me to buy a 14-page book?? What a rip-off!”

But I don’t expect that person to download YOUR STATION’S SALES PRODUCTION HANDBOOK, because obviously that person just doesn’t understand:

This is not a book to read.

It’s not even a book to learn from.

It’s a book to customize and then distribute to every member of your sales team. And for every member of your sales team to read.

Actually, it’s not a book. It’s a tool to help your station make more money with less stress.

You don’t need a dense, fine-print 100-page manual.

And there’s no way any of your account executives would actually read a dense, fine-print 100-page manual.

But they’ll read these 14 pages.

(By the way, the PDF e-book version is a bit longer than 14 pages, because it includes an explanation of exactly how you should go about customizing it for your station.)

So if you’re thinking, “I’d have to pretty stupid to pay even this modest price for a 14-page manual!” — Well, you’re not the type of person I created this for.

The Choice Is Yours.

Either spend two full days researching, writing and editing your own Sales Production Handbook. If you have that kind of extra time on your hands, you’ll be putting it to good use.

Or spend 30 to 60 minutes revising (not writing!) the Sales Production Handbook that you can download right now.

Either way, if you manage a commercial radio station you need to start using this tool as soon as possible.

 Download your copy now for just $49 

  • A 14-page e-book (Microsoft Word format), available for immediate download. This is the book you will physically edit and adapt for your own station.

  • A 19-page e-book (PDF format) that contains the original 14-page document plus instructions on how to adapt it for your own station.

    The Microsoft Word book will work on both PCs and Macs.

    The PDF book can be read (and printed) from any computer that has Acrobat Reader (Version 4.0 or higher).

    If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for FREE from:

    (14-page Microsoft Word manual plus 19-page PDF e-book)


    Immediate delivery! When you submit your order, you'll be able to download this valuable resource immediately!

     Download your copy now for just $49