A Personal Message For Radio Salespeople From Dan O’Day
Dan O'Day

When a prospect says, “I tried radio and it didn't
work” or “I can't afford it” — or even “I don't like
your owner! ”— do you know exactly how to

You’ll always know what to say when faced with any of the 30
most common radio sales objections, with the help of...


(60-page e-book) (PDF format)

317 Responses To The 30 Most Common Objections
Radio Advertising Salespeople Hear From Prospects

Every successful radio sales account executive learns to
overcome objections. THE RADIO SALES OBJECTIONS
gives you 317 responses to use when confronted
with the 30 most common objections radio salespeople hear.

How Many Good Responses Do You Need For Each Objection?


You’ll certainly find more than one per category that you can use
or adapt. But you don't need 100 great responses to each
objection. You need one that fits you perfectly.

Your Goal Is Not To Win A Verbal Battle.

By rehearsing and having handy in your memory a number of
good responses to prospects’ objections, you are not trying to win
an argument. You’re not attempting to “one-up” them.

If you see “overcoming objections” as a competitive endeavor,
you might win the battle of wits — “proving” that your prospect is
wrong — but you'll lose the war…i.e., the sale.

Then What Is Your Goal?

None of these scripted responses is intended to “win the
argument.” They are not weapons. They are means of beginning
(or continuing) a conversation with your prospect.

Your goal isn’t to win a battle of wits. It’s to engage your
prospects in meaningful conversations about their businesses…
and how you can help them.

317 tested, proven responses to the 30 most familiar,
toughest objections
radio salespeople hear every day “on the

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Business/The Economy Is Killing Me

Let Me Think It Over

I’ve Got To Check With My Partner/Spouse

I Need Guaranteed Results

I Tried Radio And It Didn’t Work

My Budget Already Is Spent

Your Rates Are Too High

I’m Buying TV

I’ve Never Heard Of Your Station

Our Customers Don’t Listen To Your Station

I Don’t Like Your Music (Or Radio Hosts)

Business Is Good; I Don’t Need To Advertise

I Only Use Newspaper

Word Of Mouth Does Just Fine For Us

You’ll Have To Talk With Our Agency

Your Ratings Suck

I Can’t Afford It

I’m Doing Direct Mail

Home Office Won’t Let Me

You’re The Third Rep Who’s Called Me In Six Months

Your Station Doesn’t Work

Call Me Next Month

I Don’t Like Your Owner/Manager

I’ll Give You A Piece Of Everything Your Station Sells

E-Mail It To Me; I’ll Call You When I’m Ready

It’s Too Hard To Measure Radio Results

Here, Take $500. Let Me Test Your Station

Your Station Screwed Things Up Last Time

I’m Using The Yellow Pages

All Our Money Is Going Into A Big Internet/Social Media Campaign

Use just one of these successfully, just once, and this book
becomes the smartest radio advertising sales investment you’ve
ever made!

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(60-page e-book) (PDF format)

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Download your copy now for just $97 

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