“The first ‘killer app’ in a
LONG time.
Ease of use,
individual controls,
customizable colors, no
outboard player to down-
load or pop-up — literally
makes your website sing.”
— Howard Hoffman, Production Director
790 KABC/ESPN Radio 710/Radio Disney 1110

Add Audio to Your Webpages in Seconds with AudioRazor™!
f you work in radio or a related field (voiceover, production, etc.), you probably don’t need to be told how much audio can add to your website. But the technology can be complicated and not for the faint of heart!
Until Now —

AudioRazor™ is the ultimate website audio software package. Using advanced Flash and MP3 audio technology, you can add any MP3-formatted audio to your website in just seconds.

A Message From Dan O’Day (Click “Play” To Hear It.)

Is AudioRazor™ difficult to use?

It couldn’t be easier. Just four easy steps! Let me put it this way: If you already know how to upload text or graphics to your Web page, then you already know everything there is to know for you to immediately begin using Audio Razor to stream MP3 audio files from your site.

AudioRazor™ allows you to add streaming audio to your website in no more than a few mouse clicks. 97% of today’s Web browsers are Flash-enabled, which means your visitors will be able to enjoy your audio without even having to configure their own systems’ sound settings.

AudioRazor™ is a godsend for…
  • Radio Stations
  • Radio Personalities
  • Voiceover Artists
  • Production Companies
  • Production Music/Effects Providers
  • Musicians
  • Online Resumes
  • Bloggers
  • Anyone with a website!

    How can you use AudioRazor™?
  • Airchecks
  • Show Highlights
  • Interviews from Today’s Program
  • Commercials for Client Approval
         (e.g., on a password-protected page)
  • Production Demos
  • Music Demos (for musicians’ sites)
  • Testimonials
  • Product Reviews
  • (Radio) Contest Winner Audio
  • (Radio) Contest Clues
  • Web Page “Welcome” Greetings
  • Audio introduction to each new blog entry
  • 19,467 other ways we don’t have room for here

    Even personal websites can use AudioRazor™ to become more personal by adding audio of your voice, the baby, the dog, birds chirping in the backyard….With just a few mouse clicks!

    AudioRazor™ is the ultimate in simple website audio.

    What do you get with the AudioRazor™ package?

    Everything you need:

  • AudioRazor™ will play any MP3 file regardless of size. (When my webmaster — a Certified Audio Geek — saw that claim, he was doubtful. So he tested it with a 30 megabyte file. His report: “Amazingly, it does stream even large files easily. I don’t know how they do that! And the player itself is cool.”) By streaming the file, users won’t have to wait to listen to what you want to play.

  • Because AudioRazor™ uses Flash technology, your Web visitor won’t be told to select “MP3 or RealAudio” or to choose between “QuickTime or Windows Media Player.” All they have to do is click on “Play.”

  • AudioRazor™ allows you to cloak your MP3 files so users can’t download and arbitrarily use your files. Strong encryption ensures your file’s maximum safety.

  • AudioRazor™ can be set to automatically start playing your files when the page loads, or you can allow the user to start the player manually.

  • The AudioRazor™ player looks very professional…and very inviting to the user. (So much better than the impersonal, boring audio players you see on most sites.)

  • AudioRazor™ lets users move back-and-forth through audio files with a simple, easy-to-use scrubber. Other website audio tools just don’t offer this option, making long-form audio files difficult for your customers to listen to. AudioRazor™ even includes volume control — a “small” idea that users love!

  • AudioRazor™ is customizable. Color match it to your website with its simple color-mixing tool. You can also add text under the player (instantly and easily) and even include links to other pages (inside your website or anywhere on the Internet).

  • AudioRazor’s Customizer™ allows you to create AudioRazor™ players in seconds. You will see, in real-time, what the player will look like and sound like. No other “website audio tools” give you real-time feedback in creating your players. To see it in action now, click here.

  • Special note to bloggers: Imagine how terrific it would be if every time you added a new message to your blog, you could introduce it in your own voice. Something like:
    “Hi, Bob the Butterfly Guy here. When I ran over to the 7-11 for some Cheetos, the last thing I expected to see was a Full Rainbow Double Twisted Peruvian Himmelbauber — but there it was, sitting on the trash bin! Luckily I had my camera with me. Anyway, you’ll find all the details below, plus some amazing new pictures.”

  • Will every Internet user in the world be able to receive your audio so effortlessly? Nope. Only 97% of them. But not the people who are still running “DOS” instead of Windows or who continue to rely on their trusty “Mac Plus” machines. (But, frankly, those diehards find it hard to access the Internet anyway.) And with every passing day, that 97% figure slowly but surely approaches 100%.

  • Is there anything that AudioRazor™ won’t do? Yes. It won’t record audio for you. And you can’t use it to edit audio. What it does do is let you stream MP3 audio effortlessly and almost instantaneously.

  • AudioRazor™ is the complete package for adding MP3 audio to any of your Web pages in just seconds. AudioRazor™ Player and Customizer runs on all Windows and all but the most ancient Macintosh operating systems.

    Free Bonus: “AUDIO RECORDING SECRETS: 23 Tips for Audio Performance That Blows Away the Competition” — Excellent tips for anyone using audio on the Internet, written in simple language that we humans can understand.

    Dan O’Day’s 100% Can’t-Miss Guarantee: If AudioRazor™ doesn’t do everything I’ve promised, I’ll refund your entire investment. No Questions Asked.

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    P.P.S. AudioRazor™ is guaranteed — you have nothing to lose!
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