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“The most exciting, invigorating, and absolutely brilliant book on Advanced Radio Promotion I've ever seen.”
— Dan O’Day

by Paige Nienaber

(170-page e-book) (PDF format)
aige Nienaber is a radio promotions genius.

And he wants to help make your station #1 in your market.

STREET-LEVEL MARKETING is the secret weapon that has enabled Paige to help the stations he consults dominate their markets.

You Need This Book If....
  • Your radio station wants to attract more loyal listeners than anyone else in your market.

  • Your radio station utilizes at least one promotional vehicle (e.g., a station van, “Black Thunder,” etc.).

  • Your radio station does any remote broadcasts — whether as paid sales promotions or purely as station events.

    (And if you do lots of sponsored remote broadcasts — Stop reading this and download STREET-LEVEL MARKETING right now!)

    Here’s What This Book Will Teach You.

  • The essence of promotions

  • Changing the dynamics inside the radio station

  • Creating & maintaining Hall Vibe

  • Non-Traditional Marketing

  • Winning without billboards or television campaigns

  • Why most outdoor and TV advertising are wasteful

  • How to use STREET-LEVEL MARKETING to increase your strength in ratings-weak geographic areas

  • How to build Listener Loyalty

  • How to get “hired” by your listeners

  • Key lifestyle differences between you and your listeners

  • What you need to teach your promotion staff about First Impressions

    STREET-LEVEL MARKETING is one of the best buys I have ever made. I started reading it as soon as it was downloaded and printed and didn't put it down until the final page was read. It reminds us that the simple things are what can make you the best. I recommend this book to every group. Except those in my market.

    — Grant Thompson, General Sales Manager
    BOB FM 97.9 & MAGIC 100.7/Canada

    I loved STREET-LEVEL MARKETING! Got out my highlighter and started getting motivated for the fall book. We're pretty much going to kick the competition's ass now.

    — Natalie Wright, Promotions Director
    Wine Country Radio

  • How to start your own Street School

  • How to get far more from your promotion and intern staffs

  • How to recruit and train your Street Team

  • The psychological profile of the perfect Street Teamer

  • Appropriate body language at station events

  • Four things your on-site promotion staff probably do that discourage on-site traffic

  • Niche Delegation. (If you’re the Promotion Director, you can’t do this kind of potent STREET-LEVEL MARKETING all by yourself. You need to know what to delegate... How to delegate it... And to whom to delegate it.)

  • Appointing your Street General

  • Establishing your War Room. (Yes, Paige uses lots of military metaphors. But STREET-LEVEL MARKETING is not about attacking your competitors. It’s about winning the audience.)

  • The one word that should dominate the walls of your War Room


  • Determining exactly where your listeners are at any given time

    We are a stand-alone station, so there's not a lot of $$ in the promotions budget. Any ideas that can save us money and give great advice are a huge help, and STREET-LEVEL MARKETING has plenty of both!

    — Barry Harris, Program Director

    I wanted to get back with you concerning STREET-LEVEL MARKETING. It's great! I am still reviewing it, because there is a ton of information. Your book has given me insight on some of the things that we forget during the day to day activities of promotions. This is a must-have for stations developing their street teams. I liked reading about promotional ideas for the holidays and hearing about what other stations have done. Honestly, as the Creative Marketing Director, it is incredibly hard to be "creative" because I am constantly putting fires out and following up on things. Reading books like this allows me to think again!

    — Lori Hall, Creative Marketing Director
    Radio One Atlanta

  • How to strategically deploy your station vehicles. (Very few stations get their money’s worth from their vehicles. After you’ve learned STREET-LEVEL MARKETING, yours will.)

  • Where to deploy your Promotion Vehicles — aka, where to send your van drivers

  • How to make sure your van drivers are exactly where they’re supposed to be

  • Importance of awarding Lifestyle Prizes. (Not just “the lifestyle of people who listen to this format.” You’ll learn the importance of prizes that match the lifestyle of your particular market.)

  • Slight-of-Van: How to make just a couple of station vehicles appear to be a full-fledged fleet

  • Exactly how and where on the road your van should be driven. (Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Paige truly is a genius; when you read his “van driving instructions,” you’ll agree.)

  • Where and how to park your vehicles at events. (Once again, this sounds like something so simple that it can’t possibly be important. And once again: Paige is a genius at this stuff, and with STREET-LEVEL MARKETING you’ll have his genius working for your radio station.)

  • STREET-LEVEL MARKETING at your listener’s workplace

  • The crucial psychological factor to understand about your at-work listeners

  • How (and why) to expand your Creative Brain Trust

  • A certain vehicle you should be using weekly to thrill your listeners

    STREET-LEVEL MARKETING is worth far more than I paid for it. The sections on bannering and street teams are fantastic. This is a most useful resource. Thanks for making me better at my profession.

    — Larry Long, Promotion Director

    I probably read a marketing book every other week, and I loved the fact that this one directly answered some of the issues that our station is facing. We were stuck in the "remote only" phase of growth where our sales department is doing so well that we don't have time or staff to do the community stuff.

    I am totally redirecting our goals for the fall with the start of a street team and not poo-pooing the little fall fairs everyone calls us with this time of year.

    Being the only Christian music station in New York City, we have our special challenges and this book helped me work out some of those and create great ways for us to hit the streets (and New York City has plenty of those).

    — Stacey Stone, Director of Promotions

  • Naming your Street Teamers

  • Street Team Call-Ins. (How to guarantee onsite telephone reports that don’t sound terrible.)

  • The Burning Building Theory of Call-Ins

  • Identifying (and tapping into) the Location Vibe

  • How to “Rambo” an event: How to make the entire market believe a huge event is yours — even if a competitor is the “official” station. (You’ll get all the credit, glory and goodwill ...without having to pay for the “official” rights.)

  • The two things you must do to “own” the street position in your market

  • The Lost Art of Bannering: How to post banners that attract crowds and establish your “ownership” of an event. (Most radio stations are terrible at bannering.)

  • The first question to ask when bannering an event

  • The one thing an event banner must do. (No, it’s not “get your name out there.”)

  • The two things you must know about establishing a presence at concerts

  • Owning a concert (outside the arena)

  • Owning a concert (inside the arena)

    STREET-LEVEL MARKETING will not be removed from my desktop. It's the perfect reference guide to promotions. It answers every "How do we...?" question we've ever had!

    — Holly O'Connor, Promotions Director

    I downloaded STREET-LEVEL MARKETING yesterday and love it. This industry needs more books that remind us about the basics and that it's NOT about spending 300k on a billboard and TV campaign; it's about getting out and meeting (and "wowing") the listeners (and clients). A fast read that is FULL of "simple to execute" ideas. This book should be considered a training manual for all members of the Programming and Promotion departments.

    — David Farough, General Manager
    Corus Radio London/Canada

  • Establishing On-Air Concert Ownership (even if you’re not the “official” station)

  • Deputizing your listeners

  • Creating your Venue Blueprint

  • Defining your Magic Circle

  • Tactical Use of Identifier Vehicles

  • Why vans are not the best choice for your station vehicle

  • Six fantastic alternatives to “vans” for your official station vehicle

  • Powerful Tactic: “Showing Your Flag”

  • How most stations misuse new technologies

    I found the information in STREET-LEVEL MARKETING to be very beneficial and insightful. It refortified for me the importance of strategic planning and excellent execution of all promotions to achieve success. And most importantly to have fun doing it!

    — Linda Greenwood, Promotion Director

    I recently purchased STREET-LEVEL MARKETING and read the whole thing. I really liked what Paige said about the beg-a-thons and making them more appealing to listeners, because that season is coming up and I am sure we will be asked to be a part of one. Now we can think ahead of time about what could make it bigger and better and fun to listen to as well.

    I printed out a copy for our promotions manager, who also read it and loved it. Actually, it has given him a new fire for his job and how he wants things done. He actually came to me and told me that it was great, he picked up some great ideas and it has him re-thinking all appearances and remotes and staff as well. In fact, we had remotes over the weekend where he had already begun to implement some of the new ideas he had. Just seeing his spark renewed was well worth the book!

    — Tammy McQuaig
    Clear Channel Spokane

  • Two very good reasons to use bumper stickers

  • Right and wrong ways to distribute stickers

  • How to get your stickers on your listeners’ cars

  • Super Sticker Stops: Imagine a profitable, repeatable sales promotion that delights your sponsors and gets your station’s sticker on 500 cars in just a couple of hours!

  • Getting the most from your Remote Broadcasts

  • Two tools that are required to make your remotes successful

  • How to triple the attendance at your remote broadcast

  • Remote Broadcast Activities: Better alternatives to the typical “Wheel of Fortune”

  • What you must remove from all of your events

  • How bad remotes hurt your station

  • Maximizing movie premieres

    I found STREET-LEVEL MARKETING to be very motivating. Sometimes it takes a book like this to make use remember why we are in radio. I already have used many techniques myself for self-promotion while out representing the station and noticed a change immediately for the positive.

    — Anita Fox, Production Manager
    Lite Rock 95.9 FM

    I just finished reading STREET-LEVEL MARKETING, and I have to tell you, it seriously lit a fire under my ass! Many of the things Paige writes about really make sense, helping me to break out of the old way of thinking around here. I'm all pumped to take on new promotions and learned some great stuff about getting extra life out of our remotes as well. His ideas for bannering and getting logo exposure are awesome.

    This book is worth every penny. I found it to be a great motivator to get out and win one-on-one with our listeners. STREET-LEVEL MARKETING made me realize that doing it right on the street can go a long way toward building a life-long relationship with our audience. As a result of reading it, we are putting together an internship program to recruit street team members and taking on a more aggressive attitude toward being on the street. STREET-LEVEL MARKETING has really opened my eyes to a part of the business that we have neglected for too long.

    — Kevin Quinn, Operations Manager

  • Charitable promotions

  • Choosing the best charity to partner with

  • The two elements radio station charity drives must have to be successful

  • The importance of creating your promotion’s “plot”

  • Two key words to apply to every promotion

  • How to market your station as if it’s a political candidate (and thereby win the Ratings Election)

  • How a new station can become #1 in any local market in just 90 days

  • The danger of playing it safe

  • Identifying (and strategically employing) your station’s “curveball”

  • Elements of a great station logo

  • The importance of Sunday Morning Quarterbacking

  • The three most common radio promotion fallacies

  • The three most underused radio promotional tools
I just bought STREET-LEVEL MARKETING and I am floored! I read the whole thing as soon as I got it and then spent the rest of that day and the next making lists of new ideas for events and remotes for several of our stations. There are so many great ideas that will benefit anyone, especially those of us who can make something exciting happen with NO budget. Thanks again for the resources!

— Sherri Marengo
Clear Channel Hattiesburg

I bought STREET-LEVEL MARKETING for my Promotions Director and wound up reading it myself. The first idea I put to use motivated and mobilized our entire staff; even our Traffic Assistant developed a street level campaign that turned heads and (hopefully) radio dials. Paige Nienaber shares simple tactics that will help us win in areas we forgot we were competing in. This e-book will help our stations build cume and save a lot of money, but I won't get to hang out with the billboard sales rep any more.

— Dan DeBruler, General Manager
Christian Listening Network

Ten Free Bonuses!

Bonus #1:
Event Checklist — A very handy one-sheet to use for all your station events...to ensure that nothing is overlooked before your promotion crew leaves for the event venue.

Bonus #2:
Event Recap Form — A one-page form that allows you to capture a verbal snapshot of the results of your event. Pull it out of the client’s file (or from your Promotions file) next month or next year, and instantly you’ll have all the “How’d it go?” details at your fingertips.

Bonus #3:
Remote Broadcast Instruction One-Sheet — Designed to present the air talent or promotion staff member with all the vital details of a Remote Broadcast event...on a single page!

Bonus #4:
Crash Course in Press Releases — A 10-page treatise that covers everything you need to know to obtain the maximum outside publicity for your station events (and your contests, promotions, stunts, etc.).

Bonus #5:
Signage Crash Course — This bonus is worth the price of the entire book. Includes 19 non-traditional methods of signage that will blow your mind...and blow away the competition!

Bonus #6:
Sticker Stop Manual — The Sticker Stop is explained in STREET-LEVEL MARKETING. But this bonus report goes into even more detail. Another bonus that truly is worth the entire cost of the STREET-LEVEL MARKETING book.

And while you probably won’t be able to get everyone on your staff to read the 170 pages of STREET-LEVEL MARKETING, this bonus report’s 14 pages is brief enough to make it required reading for everyone in your Promotions, Marketing and Sales departments.

Bonus #7:
Street Marketing Crash Course — A 9-page “crash course” in Street Marketing. Crammed with additional information, yet brief enough to make it “required reading” for your entire staff.

Bonus #8:
Sunday Morning Quarterbacking Worksheet — A devilishly clever worksheet that enables you to compare your station’s strengths & weaknesses with your competition’s...at a single glance.

Bonus #9:
Targeting Your Audience Worksheet — A vital document that should be on the wall of your promotions War Room.

Bonus #10:
Your Street General — The Street General is crucial to the success of your Street Marketing Team. This six-page document recaps some of the information in STREET-LEVEL MARKETING while adding even more actionable detail. After you read it, you’ll want to give a copy to your newly appointed Street General.

STREET-LEVEL MARKETING is a 170-page e-book (PDF format), available for immediate download.

Your book can be read (and printed) from any computer that has Acrobat Reader (Version 4.0 or higher).

If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for FREE from:

One Final Note from Dan O’Day

I edited this book.

All through the editing process, I kept thinking:

“I can’t WAIT for other radio people to read this!”

The material is so good. The information is so valuable to smart, ambitious promotion directors and program directors.

As far as I’m concerned, a radio station that hasn’t been schooled in STREET-LEVEL MARKETING is a radio station that doesn’t really have a Promotions Department.

I hope you’ll download your copy of STREET-LEVEL MARKETING right now. I want you to experience the excitement that I feel just by making this wonderful resource available to you.

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by Paige Nienaber

(170-page e-book) (PDF format)


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