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Now you can own every episode one of radio’s most beloved comedy epics, thanks to...

by Dick Orkin

The only authorized Tooth Fairy Collection!
11 Compact Discs
325 Episodes — Every Episode Ever Broadcast

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

In the early 1970s, Dick Orkin created a 2-minute radio serial that told the story of Newton Snookers — aka The Tooth Fairy.

The episodes dramatized Newton’s mishaps as — while proudly wearing his lavender dental smock, sequined high hat and mask — he visited the homes of children (and others) who had lost their teeth.

Following the age-old tradition, The Tooth Fairy would reach under the pillow, retrieve the tooth, and leave in its place a nickel, dime, quarter, bus token, or even an occasional slug.

The Tooth Fairy became a worldwide sensation, airing on more than 2,500 radio stations.

This is the only legal, authorized collection of Tooth Fairy episodes — painstakingly and lovingly remastered from the original tapes of the Molar Marauder’s creator, Dick Orkin.

Listen to an Episode of The Tooth Fairy Now

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

  • All 325 episodes — every episode ever broadcast!

  • 11 compact discs in a nifty Tooth Fairy collector’s box

  • Special note to “Chickenman” fans: Do you know there were several episodes of “The Tooth Fairy” that featured Newton Snookers and The Police Commissioner of Midland City and Miss Helfinger? (The latter two characters, of course, were regulars on “Chickenman.”) Yes, those episodes are included in this complete collection.

  • Bonus: Includes the long-lost wedding episode: “The Tooth Fairy Gets Married”

  • Bonus: In an exclusive interview, Dick Orkin discusses the show’s origins, characters, writing, favorite episodes....Behind-the-scenes nuggets from The Tooth Fairy himself.

  • Bonus: For the first time anywhere, hear the original Tooth Fairy “demo tape” sent to radio stations before the series ever existed — complete with samples that never aired and mock-ups of what the show would sound like. An extremely rare find from the vaults of The Tooth Fairy’s creator, Dick Orkin.

  • Bonus: Your very own authentic Tooth Ranger Card!

  • This is a limited edition. If you’re a Tooth Fairy fan — or know someone who is — order your copy today!
Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

Having previously purchasing the Chickenman Collector's Package and been entirely satisfied, I immediately noticed that I was in need of a Collector's Package for the Tooth Fairy. I became consumed with this notion that I must own it. I contacted Mr. O'Day who kindly informed me that it was in process. I received an email one afternoon telling me the day had finally arrived! I raced to the website and placed my order. Mr. O'Day acknowledged my order and also told me I was the very first to order the set! When I received it in the mail a few days later I was not disappointed in the least. It is top notch quality, as was Chickenman. I was delighted. To be able to play these CDs, close my eyes and revisit these uniquely funny broadcasts in better audio quality than I originally heard them in my youth is truly marvelous. The extras included in this set include original pilot material and an interview with Mr. Orkin. The packaging is sturdy and practical. I don't need to worry about the CDs being damaged or the case being harmed if I want to take it with me. Congratulations to all involved in getting this package out. It was well worth the wait.

— Doug Hopkinson/Arlington Heights, IL

I used to listen to the Tooth Fairy when I was in high school. I even taped a couple episodes on a reel-to-reel recorder. I think I only heard about 20 episodes, but it stuck with me for 30 years. That's why I was so excited when I found your website 2 years ago. Then this year I got a $100 check for Christmas, and about the same time I was notified that the complete adventures were being offered. So I splurged and bought them. The CDs are great. I love listening to them. I love Newton Snookers and was sad that Nurse Durkin disappeared halfway through the series. The interview with Dick Orkin is a nice added bonus. Thanks again.

— Neale Foster/Richmond, VA

I have ordered both "Chickenman" and "The Tooth Fairy" collector's packages and can't tell you just how much we have enjoyed them! My husband and I remember the original radio broadcasts of these and wanted to share them with our kids who are ages 18 to 25. I wasn't sure what their reactions would be, but I can tell you that Dick Orkin has 3 new fans. As a matter of fact, I am having trouble getting the CD's back from my 22 year old son. Thank you so much for making these available!

— Martha Melton/Cape Fair, MD

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

I was the lucky recipient of this wonderful gift, and it made my year! I remember discovering the Tooth Fairy on WVXU in Cincinnati in the early '80s. Everything stopped in the Kenner Toys engineering department at 3:15 pm for the day's episode. I sent a small donation to the public station each year, just because they carried the Fairy. After they had run through the entire series twice, it was retired, resulting in my returning my pledge card scrawled with "NO FAIRY NO MONEY". They got the message, and it returned the following season.

As for the box set itself, I had dreamed of such a thing for years, and just by dumb luck found you in a Google search. After my surprise wore off from my friend actually buying the thing for me (I am in a cash-flow shortage at the moment), I was impressed by how complete and professional the package was. As for the material, it is the same wonderful timeless silliness I fell in love with 25 years ago. I am up to Disc 4 now, not wanting to gorge on the bliss all at once. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing the Mammoth Dental Organ back into my life. HIT IT RAOUL!!

— Roger Rassche/Erlanger, KY

This package of The Complete Secret Adventures of The Tooth Fairy is just jammed packed with every episode of hilarious fun. The quality is excellent. I've listened to it several times. Brings back memories! I would recommend this package to anyone who has ever heard the Tooth Fairy or Chickenman. You will be completely satisfied. The value is well worth the money.

— Peter Petrone/Dumont, NJ

I remember listening to both "Chickenman" and "The Tooth Fairy" episodes on KXOK (AM 630) from St. Louis. The series ran mostly during my high school and early college years. Since things like "Laugh In" came along in the same era, and then "Saturday Night Live," and "Monty Python's Flying Circus," (much later), I think a lot of my adult sense of humor was formed by these two radio serials. I'm not trying to be profound, but they were certainly part of my generation's "coming of age."

I sort of followed Mr. Orkin's career after the two radio series ended, of course recognized his voice on many of the great commercials he did. I even remember hearing an interview with him about his advertising work (he was talking about the little rubber feet on a Rockwell hand calculator, and why they chose to use that as the focus of an ad. It was a great find for me when I learned you were selling sets of the "Chickenman" series, and now "the Tooth Fairy," which is why I never hesitated to order both.

— Kent Yoest/Marietta, GA

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

After listening to The Tooth Fairy series in Chicago in the early 1970's, it was like going back to "the good old days" when I played the CD's. The quality is great and the series is hilarious. If you liked Chickenman, you will love The Tooth Fairy.

— Mike Schwartz/Greenwood Village, CO

My wife and I are delighted to have the Tooth Fairy CDs. And our very own Tooth Ranger Card, too! Too good to be true. This really brings back memories.

We and our friends were huge Tooth Fairy fans back in our college days. Over the years, my wife and I have continued to use phrases from the Tooth Fairy (such as "Doctor, Doctor" , "fairy phone" , "We're the Durango Sisters", "the mammoth dental organ", "hit it Raoul","this isn't happening to me", "prontodante", "rinse", "gum pink jammies with feet in them", etc.) while mimicking character voices. Our current friends look at us kind of funny and we really enjoy our inside joke.

We have one old lousy cassette tape with a few scratchy episodes on it we recorded way back then and we play it when we run across it. One day after playing it, I did a Google search on Tooth Fairy. Didn't find anything, so I tried Chickenman and that's how I found your site. Chickenman was available and we ordered it while hoping Tooth Fairy would become available soon. When Tooth Fairy became available, we ordered it immediately. (We enjoy Chickenman, too. But, we LOVE Tooth Fairy.)

We are working our way through the episodes (about half-way now) and really having fun with it. The audio quality and value are great. We will expose our friends to it when we think they are ready (like while drinking).

— Larry Schilling/Lancaster, CA

As with Dick Orkin's previous radio serial, Chickenman, I usually listened to the original airings of The Secret Adventures of The Tooth Fairy while walking to school, with a cheap transistor radio up to my ear and WCFL on the dial. Two-and-half minutes of comedy (including commercials) helped to prepare me for the day's mindless recitation of facts from a Social Studies book that seemed to find war as the only meaningful measure of man's progress. Ah, the '70s!

Now I'm returning to those Thrilling Days Of Yesterday with The Complete Secret Adventures of The Tooth Fairy, and I realize that Newton Snookers' journey is eerily similar to mine: as he travels through life, knowing that his mission is truth, he is constantly thwarted by the minutiae of existence and the small minds that block progress. Argh!

— Edward Floden/McHenry, IL

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

I was not familiar with the radio program The Secret Adventures of the Tooth Fairy when I received an e-mail announcing its release. But when I realized that the Tooth Fairy came from the same comic minds that brought us Chickenman, I did not hesitate in submitting my order. I am completely satisfied with the Tooth Fairy CD's. If you loved the Winged Warrior, you'll love the Molar Marauder as well. "

— Mark Ehli/Billings, MT

I want to compliment you on your Tooth Fairy collection. I never heard it when it first aired but I was a big Chickenman fan so ordered it as soon as you made it available. I listen to a few episodes at a time and enjoy them immensely.

— Roger Muenger/Cleveland Heights, OH

It's awesome! I have played it for friends, family, colleagues and classes...The Tooth Fairy kickstarted my interest in radio and radio production. What a blast! I am swept away into the nostalgia of the molar marauder and Nurse Durkin... I have never missed the money I spent on it...What did I spend, anyway?

— Mark Seignious/St. Paul, MN

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

I'm very happy with the Tooth Fairy CDs. I enjoyed it as much as Chickenman. If I had not already been a fan of Chickenman, though, I would probably not have bought the Tooth Fairy. I was very happy with the package. It was expensive. But, for me, worth it.

— Rick Norwood/Johnson City, TN

I became cognizant (big word, great, eh? — shades of the verb "to wreak") of Chickenman in the mid 60's, listening to Jim Runyan on WCFL. Buried in the bowels (well, I had a stall I worked in...) of a gasoline station (Skelly, anyone remember them?) in Beloit, Wis., I listened on a bare bones radio chassis and speakers I purchased from Burstein-Applebee, a great old surplus electronics house in Kansas City, run by a couple of 75 year old ladies.

It took about 2 weeks for the effect of listening to the show to set in (on the shop) — first of me switching to or turning up the volume of the daily episode, later on, the whole shop would become silent — eyes turned inward, slack mouthed, drooling, with a bit of minor paralysis — well, okay, so we listened, minorly enraptured. The smirky smiles usually lasted at least an hour.

I had never even heard of the Tooth Fairy before I was contacted {as an owner of the Chickenman collectors package}. Sure enough, about 10 episodes in, the story, plus the Orkin magic, took over. This series is just as much fun as the Chickenman series. I will recommend the Molar Marauder for any fan of the Orkin touch — it ain't cheap, but the quality is there.

— Robert Cowan/Sault Ste. Marie, MI

I had not heard any Tooth Fairy before. I bought it sight unseen based on my enjoyment and pleasure from Chickenman. I can say that I am glad that I paid what I did to get the complete Tooth Fairy. The quality is wonderful and it sounds excellent. I loved the inclusion of the Tooth Ranger card, which I now carry and display proudly in my wallet.

— Rodney Elin/Silver Spring, MD

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

After purchasing the Chickenman series, I couldn't resist adding The Tooth Fairy to my collection. It goes on the shelf right along with my Stan Freeberg collection. Thanks for making them available. I don't believe anyone takes the time to be that creative these days.

— Tom Thornburg/Bartow, FL

I loved The Tooth Fairy as a kid and was really excited when it was released on CD's. After 30 years it's still often a roll on the floor laugh. And it brings back the memories of walking home from school listening to the radio for the latest episode of The Tooth Fairy. Like other classics of comedy, a good bit never goes bad. It was a fine addition to the Chickenman collection that I already own.

— Jordan Archer/San Jose, CA

I am a huge fan of Dick Orkin's work and absolutely love listening to Chickenman episodes that I had heard when I was an adolescent. I had never heard the Tooth Fairy stories when I was younger but knew if it was done by Dick Orkin and offered by Dan O'Day, it would be spectacular. Needless to say I was not disappointed. I love listening to the Tooth Fairy and Chickenman on my drive home from work. It's laugh out loud fun. As a long time purchaser of Dan O'Day products I can assure individuals that whatever Dan sells is of the highest quality.

— Jeff Scalf/Indianapolis, IN

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

Upon receiving my much-anticipated Tooth Fairy set, I immediately plopped the first disc in the VW's CD player. Wow, what an enjoyable return to simpler times — before computers, sushi worms, and Britney Spears! Listening to the whole series over the following weeks was a real pleasure and while many of the episodes were instantly familiar, I had forgotten the finer details that made the series so enjoyable. My new Tooth Fairy collection is now sitting proudly between my Chickenman and Firesign Theate collections.

— Harvey Hartman/Waller, TX

This package is a great value and very nicely conceived. The audio quality is excellent. To a true fan of the Molar Marauder (me), price is no object, well, almost!

Listening once again to these misadventures of Newton Snookers brought back great high school memories from the early 70's, when I first heard them. Every morning, I would perch in front of my radio, (just like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" waiting for Little Orphan Annie) ready to hear the next broadcast from the dental asylum located in the Tishamingo Towers. Too bad they never offered a secret decoder molar!

Just like a song brings back memories of times, places and friends, these episodes will do the same. Thanks, for finally getting this great package available to us — the true loyal fans of The Tooth Fairy!

— Darrell Northen/Houston, TX

Wonderful stuff! The Tooth Fairy aired without my knowledge in the 70's, so this IS hearing it for the first time!!! Still am not all the way thru, but did want to let you know the smiles and chortles these episodes evoke.

— Dale Leichsenring/Ankeny, IA

Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

Note: The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy is not for broadcast; it’s for your personal enjoyment only.


Order The Complete Secret Adventures Of The Tooth Fairy Now

© 2012 by Dan O'Day