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I have been out of radio for 5 years. I began sending out tapes & resumes in a couple of months ago. I had two part-time offers and I took the one with the most on-air hours (at a station in this Top 20 Market). Two weeks ago I was called for an interview for a small market station located 90 minutes from here) for a full-time 2PM-7PM shift. They offered me the position at 26k a year (lower than I had hoped of course) remotes at $100 for 3 hours and a shift every other weekend (maybe every weekend depending on availability of part-time help). Now I am faced with choosing in between the two positions.

My goal is to land a full time day position in this market. Which position do you think will help me to reach my goal?


It really is impossible for me to say which choice would be better for you. For one thing, I don’t know how much radio experience you had before your five-year layoff. If you’re already good enough to work full-time in that Top 20 market, then it might well be best to stay there in a part-time capacity and keep your ears open for a fulltime gig. If a realistic evaluation of your current performance level suggests that you’re not quite ready to compete in the larger market, however, then going to the smaller market for a full-time job probably is the smart move.

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