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We thought it would be a great idea to get instant feedback from listeners if they could answer an instant web survey. Some of the questions being:

Who's your favorite DJ?
What is your favorite feature?
Where are you when you listen?
When do you listen?
Why do you listen to XXX? DJ's? Music?

What kinds of specific questions do you think are most important to ask our listeners? We'd like to keep aware of what they like, don't like or want more of. We'd like to encourage more email and get them to answer a weekly or monthly question when they visit our website.


>Who's your favorite DJ?
Personally, I don't like this question; I suspect it can lead to ill feelings among the various jocks. Ideally, your radio station is presented to the audience as a sort of family; can you image asking someone what their favorite member of your family is?

>What is your favorite feature?
Listeners don't think in terms of "features." They think in terms of what they hear on your station. I'd suggest you list the various features, asking them to check the ones they enjoy most often.

>Where are you when you listen?
Give them choices: "At home, at work, in your car, other (please explain)."

>When do you listen?
This question will generate responses ranging from "in the morning when I get up" to "when I feel like hearing music." If you're trying to isolate day-parts, I suggest asking:
"What times of day do you listen?"

>Why do you listen to XXX? DJ's? Music?
I don't see much value in this question, but you might.

You might consider adding this question:
"Please tell us the three radio stations you listen to most often, starting with the the one you listen to most and ending with the one you listen to the least of the three."
(List all stations whose signals reasonably are obtainable in your market, regardless of format.)

>We'd like to encourage more email and get them to answer
>a weekly or monthly question when they visit our website.

The best way to do this is to offer an incentive - e.g., "Everyone who answers our Question of the Week will be entered in a drawing to win $100 worth of CDs from Local CD Store." (Make sure the prize is worth winning and not some junky "sales promo" prize.)

And you definitely want the question/contest to be weekly. You want to encourage people to return to your site often. If they have a chance every week to win a prize, lots of visitors will make it a point to return next week. But not many people will remember to return in a month.

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